I wonder

I would expect anyone familiar with anime would want at least one good cosplay outfit, possibly lots of them — not for everyday usage, maybe, but occasionally one would be nice. While the demographics for anime is in general a bit younger than the average Second Life resident, peaking at 25 years as opposed to Second Life where the peak was something like 30 last time I misheard the statistics, there’s no end to neko stuff in any style and for any price, and these are, originally, an anime-related phenomenon.

But tell me, why do the majority of people who create outfits that are explicitly anime cosplay, seem, on average, to prefer MS Paint?! This is not just “quite bizarre” but frankly, revolting, very few of them can be considered wearable, and prices are often surprising. Even the Japanese regions seem rather low on good cosplay, and I have certainly not seen a dedicated store. There is obviously a lot of component parts that could be used to assemble a cosplay outfit, but no place that would offer a good selection all by itself.

There’s just one place that has cosplay outfits that bear wearing, and unfortunately it doesn’t have the stuff I want… There’s also Edelweiss which has the best maid outfits and school uniforms I have seen to date, far superior to anything else in that vein, but these can’t be explicitly called “cosplay”.