No, really THE tallest standing structure

After I wrote that post about the tallest towers in Second Life, I thought I wouldn’t need to return to the subject, until I bumped into what has to be the tallest tower currently standing in Second Life — literally bumped, I was trying to fly a plane. Surprisingly, it’s built on mainland, which would otherwise make constructing such a structure impossible, if it were not for supergiant megaprims up to 256 meters in one direction, that have recently become available. The sky platform at the top is 4000 meters up, which is pretty close to the current build limit of 4096. But they weren’t satisfied with that and put up a particle beam shining all the way into the void above, no idea how far that goes.

I must mention that a thing like Salt HUD, as well as related HUD tools, makes searching for the right megaprim size and orientation a breeze, and allowed me to get rid of all those open boxes in my inventory, knocking the total at least 1300 items down, which can’t be bad for the poor asset server. 🙂

KB Labs Tower

Not very detailed, but you've got to admire the effort

There is also one more replica supertall landmark built in Second Life that I missed in that list, namely, the ghostly World Trade Center towers memorial. They are rather finely detailed for ghostly boxes, and are built exactly to scale, but commercial development right across the street kind of makes the whole idea dubious.

Please ignore the open shops behind my back.

Please ignore the open shops behind my back.