I have a special relationship with time. ‘Clock’ was the first word I ever said, and since then, they are afraid of me. Wall clocks don’t survive for long around me, generally dying from mechanical failures in about a month, and if I don’t keep my computer’s time synchronized to a time server, it can jump forward three hours in three minutes of real time when I look away.

So I notice these things. And today, I noticed that SL time displayed in the menu bar while in my home sim is approximately 90 seconds behind the real time.

That wouldn’t be all that odd, since everybody knows how borked Second Life can be — though, I must say that time being out of sync can lead to some very interesting kinds of borkage, especially in a system that is supposed to deal with financial transactions — but what caught my attention to it was the chime of my scripted wall clock.

And that happened another 30-50 seconds earlier than even the SL time rolled into an even hour.

While I didn’t write that particular script myself, and cannot look inside, I do suspect that the coder went the easy way and did not account for the time it takes to play the hourly chime sound and just triggered it upon reaching an even hour.

And that means that LSL functions that return system time do not correspond even to the time you see in the menu bar!

The question is, why?!


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