Social mathematics

LARP experience shows that about one general practice doctor — not just a trauma doctor, since people will come to a LARP with chronic disorders, and who’s to blame them? — is required per every 500 players to make sure that one is available whenever someone has an accident. No matter how they tried to avoid accidents of the medical kind, Russian LARPers learned this the hard way.

For the same number of players, at least five gamemasters are required. Mind you, LARPs usually don’t continue for that long, so long-term enmities rarely get a chance to escalate into abuse — otherwise, much more would be needed to handle the abuse reports.

Second Life, at least in terms of governance, is very much like an unending LARP. With half a million active residents according to latest misheard statistics, and at least 30000 people online at any given time.

How many people are needed to handle abuse reports? I would expect at least one per 1000 of average concurrency. That is, from 300 to 500. That would be a full time job, most of which would be in talking to people.

I wonder, how many they actually do have?