Linden Labs just floated another continent.

And the notable features of this land mass are:

  1. 1024sq prepartitioned parcels.
  2. Which have double the normal prim allocation for, presumably, the same tier.
  3. Which cannot be joined or subdivided.
  4. And cannot be resold.

Which, naturally, makes it worthless for land barons, but highly desirable for long-term invested residents who were living on the mainland and thinking of moving to estates, because they’re better than most things estates can offer.

Nice way to gather all these people together and then sink the whole bunch in one shot. 🙂

But regardless, while I think it is a good move, my expectation is that this will cause at least the same quantity of normal mainland — about 20 sims worth — to almost immediately end up on the open land market, which probably implies a rather large singular mainland price drop.

The consequences could be very interesting, since the number of paid accounts is not likely to grow at the same rate, now, with the global financial crisis on our doorstep, and a paid account is required to own mainland. Which means that mainland prices are likely to continue dropping, precipitating Second Life’s own real estate crisis — very different in nature, obviously, since there’s no credit, thank God.

While the financial crisis itself is going to mostly pass SL by, the sense of foreboding and growing panic will not. People start spending less, they feel on the edge, and the quantity of drama in the air rises above tolerances, as they try to run away from what worries them in their first life.

And yes, I worry too, because the future I see is muddled beyond recognition…

Update: There we go… I expect the geography will change quite a bit in the coming months.