That’s it

Yes, yes, I broke down and started a business. 🙂 You can visit my shop in Flying Tree (shelf space courtesy of Shez Oyen — be nice and take a look at her things too, if you decide to drop by) and buy the few measly things I have on sale.

My little shop

Looks kind of empty...

I guess I need to brush up on typographic design, haven’t done it in years. 🙂 Today’s offerings are:

MystiTool Dance plugin — a solo dance controller plugin for MystiTool, version 1.0. Beside doing what any other HUD does, but for one less HUD attachment point, it can also turn off some kinds of animation overriders for you while you’re dancing, so they don’t interfere. L$200

Mobile changing room — a handy changing room object that you sit on and instantly get transported up into the skies where you can change clothing in (relative) privacy, a freebie.

More to come soon as I clean stuff up, finish testing and iron out the packaging details.