MystiTool Online checker plugin

I think my box labels are getting better.

I think my box labels are getting better.

Today’s release is the MystiTool Online checker plugin — a plugin to replace your friends online notifications with more friendly and configurable ones. Doesn’t do annoying blue popups, can turn on and off at the click of a button, can play a sound when a friend comes online, and gives you an URL that brings up their profile if you ask. And doesn’t take an extra HUD attachment point. šŸ™‚

…and yes, I have at least one more useful plugin coming up.


4 thoughts on “MystiTool Online checker plugin

  1. Great! I use a simple script to keep track of people of whom I suspect they switched invisible to me (I had a few clients who owed me money) and dropped it into a cube and attached ot to the HUD. Your way is much easier – so you just earned 98 L$.

  2. Yay! šŸ™‚ I’ll see what I can do about the feature you asked for, hopefully I’ll be able to do that without taking up an extra attachment point.

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