MystiTool Online checker plugin v1.1 update

…Well, duh? I got asked for a feature. 🙂

Bugs fixed in this version:

The configuration notecard was not properly checked for changes, which would result on it being re-read on any change of MystiTool contents, instead of on notecard change only.

New features:

  1. “addkey” command gone and replaced by the joint “add” command that understands whether you gave it a name, a key, or a combination of the two. Names will be looked up. Befriending a texture will cause an annoying delay. 🙂
  2. Optional button hovertext feature — the plugin can now put hovertext with the names of friends currently online above one of MystiTool custom buttons. You’ll need to put in an extra script directly into that button for this to work.

Update process:

Rez your old box on the ground and you should receive the update box momentarily. 🙂

Rez MystiTool, delete old script, drop in new one, make sure it’s set to running. No surprises here. If you want the optional button hovertext, a few more steps will be required — see the manual.


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