First hour experience

It just occurred to me, that the problem of first hour experience can be solved easily, in a way that brings money to Linden Labs, revitalises the economy and solves the problem of ‘What am I supposed to do in this game?’. Learn that this isn’t a game, but a global resort town, for one…

Sell the Help Islands off. To the highest bidder. Under certain conditions:

  1. The islands must fill the purpose of orientation, that is, teach people the ropes.
  2. Whatever place advertising they choose to put there and whatever price they ask for, a non-profit advert of a location of Linden choosing must appear next to it.

And that would be it. The islands would be sold for a certain period, like maybe three or six months, at the end of which the auction would happen again, with the current owners having some kind of bonus.

I’m willing to bet retention rates would rise from 20% to at least 60%.