MystiTool Dance plugin v1.2

MystiTool Dance plugin got updated to version 1.2!

Fixed yet another silly bug that would prevent AO control other than MEAO and Franimation from working, and added the ability to control AO gadgets that support the AutoZHAO protocol. Switching to MEAO is still better in the long run, but if you can’t for some reason, AutoZHAO might do.

Update process as usual — rez the box you got it in on the ground, get the new version, delete old “Dance controller” script, insert new one, make sure it’s set to “Running”.

Oh, and as a side note, a MystiTool update is available for beta testing at Mysti’s shop for owners of the full version. I haven’t got around to checking it out yet, since I’d have to reinstall my entire collection of plugins, but reportedly, it fixes a bunch of old bugs…


2 thoughts on “MystiTool Dance plugin v1.2

  1. Not unless Emerald learns to listen for AO on/off commands from scripted objects, unfortunately, which I am not sure it does.

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