Treasure Hunt Server

It’s done. Actually, it’s been out on the shelves since yesterday, but I held up announcing it for a bit until we were finished with the marketing blurb. It took me longer than I expected, it grew more complex than I expected, and it bumped into more JIRAs than any project should, including one I have yet to write, but now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Treasure Hunt Server, a collaborative project with Peter Stindberg 🙂 It slices, it dices, it peels, and it cleans up afterwards. And it looks like a microwave that’s baking treasure.


More professional packaging. 🙂


Clever Things’

Treasure Hunt Server (XStreetSL, SLURL)

Commercial grade treasure hunt system

  • Easy and assisted setup
  • 24 possible treasure modes
  • Smart positioning
  • Automated cleanup
  • Make hunts interesting again
  • Prevent location lists
  • Full hunt statistics

Every treasure a surprise! Tired of the same boring hunts all over again? Want to have massively less work and more fun and praise for an interesting hunt? We have the system for you! Clever Things’ Treasure Hunt Server assists you in many ways:

  • Easily organize classic hunts, open air hunts, difficult random hunts or any combination
  • Dynamic random drop mode for open air hunts allows you to deposit treasure randomly across large areas, and it will rest on the nearest flat surface – but not before it bounces and rolls into nooks and crannies you yourself would never have thought of, and prim ground or the floor of a skybox will do it just as well as normal ground will.
  • Straightforward installation. There is no need to place a copy of the script into every treasure. You only do that once with the bootloader, getting a simple prim with no script in it. A treasure container, once ready, is usable for every kind of hunt in exactly the same way.
  • Semi-automated setup: chose among a wide range of hunt paramters, and the server takes care of the rest
  • As little manual configuration as possible. All common functions are notecard-free. You do not need to worry about a server coexisting with other servers and mess with channel numbers – this is done completely automatically.
  • Supports Touch, Pay and Buy treasure. Only commercial grade system that offers “pay” type treasure, name randomization and avatars banlists.
  • Easy hiding: hide special hiding spots marker during setup – the server will later rez treasure in these spots.
  • Every treasure is a surprise. For everyone. You only know there’s no more than one of every treasure out there, somewhere. Actually preventing the treasure from shuffling around takes some extra steps. Multiple people can be enlisted to help hiding treasure without giving them full perm copies of the items, and they still won’t know where which treasure is.
  • Automated, lag-free clean-up of all treasure, regardless of whether it has a script in it or not, and still doesn’t burden the sim with large numbers of listening objects while running.
  • Security features: avatar banlist, name randomization, random mode against location coordinate lists

Four easy steps for a fully automated hunt:

  1. Create a treasure container, have the server “tag” it, fill copies of it with prizes and put the finished treasures into the server
  2. Get marker objects from the server and hide them in places where treasure is supposed to appear (you can use more markers than treasure)
  3. Have the server start the hunt – treasure appears where you hid the markers
  4. At the end of the hunt the server cleans up and gives you some statistics

This hunt package is practical and perfect and easy to understand and use. Clean up is a breeze and the fact that it gives you statistics is great, too. There is no guessing about how effective it is, plus, it’s just plain fun to work with. It is a good investment for every shop- or sim-owner and I am very impressed with the help Rika and Peter provided.
Carla Chandrayaan, Owner of Bailers Outfitters

You can see the whole manual on the web. Just in case you missed it the first time, here’s a link to the XStreet SL page.