It’s been almost six months. “I leave you in the most fun place of all.. the heart of the entire continent of Japan!” were the last words. “Favorite streetcorner ever.” And I was left alone on that street corner, and waited, and waited, and waited… for an entire month, it turns out, I was waiting, or at least, that’s what my logs say. I didn’t abandon hope completely for much longer, but then I tried to get on with my life, and I can say, I think I have made one. It’s a little lonely, because too much is still missing, and I sometimes wonder, who am I kidding by spending time and effort on this all, but I have friends, close and distant, I have done things I can be proud of, and I plan to do more.

Hibiya sim, heart of MagSL continent of Japan

Hibiya sim, heart of MagSL continent of Japan

Today I went shopping, which eventually demanded blanket scouring of Japanese sims, and eventually, I naturally gravitated to this place. It has changed. Mamesando Rings now has an annex devoted to a school set and schoolgirl avatar kits, the number of Gundams in the vicinity has increased, and there’s a club where previously there was something else. But it’s still more or less the same.

I got an SMS today. An SMS that crossed the ocean. And I won’t be replying to it, ever.

Because some things are final, and once changed, they will stay that way.