MystiTool Lucky Chair Detector plugin

New release time. 🙂

I've had enough of lucky chairs laughing at me.

I've had enough of lucky chairs laughing at me.

MystiTool Lucky Chair Detector plugin — This plugin will help you in stalking a lucky chair. Notable features:

  • Enables semi-unattended stalking by giving you an annoying sound once your letter comes up. You can go read a book!
  • No need to configure it, it Just Works with any kind of lucky chair I have so far seen on the grid that actually gives the letter in open chat. If it doesn’t work with something, tell me, I’ll update it.
  • If your viewer has Restrained Life features (which includes Restrained Life itself and CoolViewer, which is highly recommended anyway for other reasons) you can go to sleep. It’ll grab your letter automatically!
  • And in that latter case, every wildcard will be yours. Humans just can’t react fast enough.

Possibly the first commercial non-BDSM use of Restrained Life features, at least, I have never heard of a counterexample. 🙂

Available on XStreetSL and OnRez, as well as in my inworld shop.

For a limited time only — that is, the next 24 hours — it is available in my shop in Squirrel Tower at only half the listed price of L$89, that is, L$44. 🙂


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  1. Hi,
    Someone linked to your blog over on our livejournal SL community and I ran and bought 3 of your items. I love the chair and treasure hunt one. 🙂 I’m bad at treasure hunts lol.

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