Boot virus

It all started with boots.

First, I saw a notice in FabFree about two pairs of boots being available as group gifts from two different designers. Good overknee boots are actually a major rarity, so I thought nothing about grabbing both freebies, as well as buying several more pairs in my favourite colors.

Then I took a closer look at them. Then an even closer one.

All of them used an identical sculpt map, and a largely identical surface texture.

Mind you, these are very good sculpt maps, and very good textures… well, the base shadowmap that comes with them is. Apparently, everyone else thought so too, because very soon, I noticed a very familiar sight in a report about boots released by Thalia’s. At a lower price than they were previously too.

I laughed. And went to check out Nightshade Designs on a report of another outfit I wanted to consider getting, and there they were, waiting for me and glittering the added crosses and laces.

Slightly altered. Still highly recognisable.

Slightly altered. Still highly recognisable.

Well, that’s magnitudes better than just selling them raw, but that’s not worth L$600 if you ask me.

Later that day, they were offered for free at the Vinyl Cafe. (And the other pair featured in this post is also a prefab sculpt…) I thought that would be the end of it, but…

Today, I glanced at the XStreetSL and noticed them staring at me from the two newest entries on the front page. From KaShoez and Safii.

While I don’t think they became much better, you got to admire the effort that went into the latter. But anyway…

Further search revealed moreofthesame for as far down as I cared to scroll.

Dear designers.

I understand that this set of sculpts is probably the first in it’s class, and definitely, by far, the best. But could you at least, try doing one of the following:

  • Wait until everyone forgets the releases of your competitors. Trust me, it doesn’t take that long! More than a week, though.
  • Be more earnest like Nightshade and Safii and actually use the boots as a base to build something upon instead of packaging them and hoping for quick profits.
  • Instead of just selling the boots as is, use them to enhance an outfit, since they’re so widely available that you’ve got to be insane if you think the market won’t get oversaturated in a few more weeks.
  • Failing either of the above, give some credit to the original author. I hope they’re much richer for all this charade. Still, at L$3000 per pack, I sort of doubt this.
  • Above all, don’t consider your customers too stupid to notice.

I’m watching you.


5 thoughts on “Boot virus

  1. Laughs. I’m with you, if you are going to buy sculpts, use them to create something new or to enhance a build or modify them…

  2. The KaShoez boots were by far the best deal – L$100 and colour change – therefore all 6 colours for $100L. I’m glad I didn’t rush to buy any of the earlier ones 😉

  3. I’m seriously considering buying the original sculpt pack and using it to make slightly different boots for myself every week. It’ll pay off fairly quick. 🙂

  4. Same here, Rika. For 3000L$ I am totally buying the Full Perms from Freyr Darkstone.

    There’s also another one I found in X Street SL. The sculptie maps from some shoes I bought in a store. Felt weird to see that the store owner didn’t even add more colors to it.

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