On drama

It surprises me there is no Wikipedia article on the social meaning of the word “drama”, while it has articles about just about everything, no matter how mundane. Because no matter what you say about it, there is nothing more mundane than drama.

You heard me. Drama is mundane. Drama is normal. Drama is a human thing.

“Leave me out of your drama.”, “Please no drama!”, “Drama llamas will be shot and mounted!”

Don’t be silly. Drama is how humans know they’re in a community — this is why they start it, this is why they keep it running, this is why they will blow everything out of proportion. The actual issue presented is not the real purpose of drama. The only place without drama is the one where social ties are so weak they cannot sustain a good fight.

Drama is taking sides. Drama is declaring allegiance. Drama is taking action purely because of that allegiance. Drama is calling upon others to declare allegiance. Drama is a measure of status and support. You can’t have drama if there’s only two participants, it needs at least one third person to pick a side.

The actual issue is not important at all, but the issues of allegiance are a matter of social life and social death. It’s who’s with them and who’s against them that’s people are out to find out, and there are few things more important than status. Often, even being fed and clothed takes a back seat — status can get you fed and clothed, but being fed and clothed is unlikely to give you status.

It is said that all is fair in love and war, and drama is both. And just as unavoidable as both. People might not even be consciously aware of doing it, and are certainly not terribly aware of why.

Eradicating drama is impossible. Only by being conscious of it you can mitigate the ill effects.


2 thoughts on “On drama

  1. I hear you !!

    I’ve been pondering on if I should write something in my profile along these lines: “Drama inside – yes, I’m a real person, if you can’t handle it… well, sod off!”

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