Animation organiser v1.2

Update week, I say. :). Actually, I think it’s my oldest ever product, and for some bizarre reason not a very popular one even though I still don’t know of anything like it. And it’s high time it was updated. 🙂

This is not your average posing stand. This is a posing stand meant as part in a system that lets you sort animations into bins by whichever criterion you desire by sending them between prims without ever needing to open one to get a particular animation out. It’s also equipped with numerous other functions which make it handy for photography when you need to grapple with a large library of poses. Search functions, functions to help make sense of animations that don’t animate all the bones, and other things to make it possible to grapple with my own monstrous collection of poses.

New in this version are shiftup/shiftdown buttons, improvements in the package function, and finally compiled with Mono so whoever had a problem of a crash due to lack of memory shouldn’t anymore.

To update, rez the original box it came in on the ground, the update will be automatically sent to you. If you have lost your box, you can IM/notecard me and I will send you a new box as soon as I find you in my records.

And in case you don’t have one yet, you can get it in my inworld shop or on XStreetSL for L$300. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Animation organiser v1.2

  1. Well, it is a pose stand. But with extra functions to send the animation currently being played to another posing stand you own like that in the vicinity. So you basically pile all the unsorted animations into one, rez a few more, name them appropriately, stand on it, and send them away into other stands one by one.

    I made it to sort about 2000 freebie animations, and it considerably reduced the clutter. 🙂

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