MystiTool Online checker plugin v1.2

Continuing with the chain of updates of old stuff, my online checker plugin has been updated a bit. For those who do not know, it’s a friends online checker plugin for your MystiTool which allows you to have a neater and smaller list of people you actually want to know the online status of, as opposed to your entire friendlist, which is probably way too long by now for social reasons — with sound alerts and optional hovertext, and doesn’t take the extra hud attachment point because it’s part of your MystiTool.

New in this version is the new simple installer, saving and loading settings other than the friends list itself to and from the notecard, which, incidentally, allows you to set the check loop interval if 90 seconds is too long or too short for you.

To receive the update, rez the box you got your plugin in on the ground. In case you have lost the box, contact me and I’ll send you a replacement directly as soon as I find your purchase in my records.

In case you don’t have one yet, you can get it in my inworld shop or on XStreetSL for L$100.


2 thoughts on “MystiTool Online checker plugin v1.2

  1. Hi there! Any reason why I would KEEP receiving the online checker update EVERY time I log into SL? It has been installed into Mysti-Tool at least 3 times already.

  2. Yes, you have a zht_… script that checks for updates inside your MystiTool from an older version of the plugin. I.e. you have made a mistake installing it the previous time you installed it, before that update. Find that zht_OnRezUpdateCheck script inside your Mystitool and remove it, the problem should be gone.

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