Atlas Project

I’ve mentioned this before, though, not in the blog. A few days ago, I kicked the atlas generation process and forgot about it. In the process of generating the starmap, the map generator separates clusters, so it dumps a list of all continental scale clusters and where they are located, for later use. The atlas generation process takes that list, and grabs map tiles to stitch them into per-continent files. I’m thinking about making a planetarium-like product that will be an auto-updating atlas of continents suitable for sailors and aviators, with appropriate markup, and for this to work effectively, it needs to start with the highest possible map resolution — as everyone well knows, enlarging images does not produce the lost information out of thin air, and the more interesting image effects will necessarily involve using all the resolution I can get.

Well, I forgot about it, fully expecting ImageMagick to choke on most of mainland anyway, (which is one of the major expected snags on this path) but apparently, I should have given it more credit, as it only choked on the bigger, newer continents, so now I have the highest possible resolution map of Sansara and Heterocera for my efforts. At a whopping 13056×15104 pixels, it’s 20 megabytes when saved as JPG. Big enough to use in something like OziExplorer, if such a program existed for SL. 🙂

That's just tiny thumbnail. :)

That's just tiny thumbnail. 🙂

You can have it if you like, though, I didn’t want to burden my offworld server with this traffic and used a file sharing service to keep it.

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P.S. More of them!

Northern part
Southern part