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There’s lots of non-graphical clients for Second Life out there, starting with AjaxLife and friends and ending with Metabolt and friends.

And all of them are better than nothing when you can’t use a real viewer, but none of them were, in my opinion, satisfactory for what I would want a lite viewer for – and for what, I believe, most people who actually need one would want one for.

That is, customer support, when I’m not capable or can’t be bothered to start up a real viewer.

Almost all of the existing light client offerings suffer from specific shortcomings:

  • None of them saves logs. Dunno about you, but for me this is a showstopper, because I rely on logs instead of memory to know who had what kind of problems and when. Without them, I would have problems remembering who all of those people are.
  • Most of them include functions patently useless for the task of support — good if you want to run a model bot, or camp, but not really good for customer support — and are getting more and more bloated and jumbled.
  • Very few of them actually behave anything like an instant messager, which is what I’d like most.

Well, here’s one that does.

SLiteChat is still a work in progress, but it’s fast progress, and it fits my expected use case better than any to date. It’s a neater and cleaner job than most, as well, it runs fine in Ubuntu on my Eee PC, and is developed for all three major platforms (Windows, Mac Os X and Linux) simultaneously.

Comes with Rika Seal of Approval. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Business messenger

  1. I think it’s getting there eventually, and in a fashion more convenient than, say, Metabolt. 🙂

  2. Thanks Rika for your Seal of Approval! Sorry that I have not been able to get updates out the door lately (my RL job is keeping me up late at night), but I’ve got many of your requests on my todo list.

    Peter: I do want to fold notecard support into SLiteChat, but I had specifically avoided dealing with in-world money. I didn’t want the liability in case the transaction went wrong!

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