Rezday Device

New release time! Been ages since I had the time to push anything new out.

I'm using it myself, just so you know. :)

I'm using it myself, just so you know. 🙂

The Rezday Device will allow your shop visitors to send a selection of your products as rez day gifts for free — assuming the person they try sending a gift to really has a rez day today.

While there are arguments against free product distribution, this is good advertising by itself, and most importantly, it results in added exposure by stimulating word of mouth. People are not allowed to send gifts to themselves, even if it is their rez day — gifts can only be sent to someone else, who, presumably, haven’t heard of your shop yet. Even if they did, and drag a friend over to make them push the button for them, chances are the said friend could be interested in your merchandise. At the very least, they will probably remember it next time someone has a rez day.

Only one gift per avatar per rez day can be sent, no matter how many Rezday Devices you have deployed or where, and the limit is enforced by using an offworld database. There’s no chance someone can possibly acquire your entire gift inventory as rezday presents in a single day — they can only get one gift from you this year even if multiple people attempt to send them one. Naturally, multiple people may receive gifts from you on any given day if their rez days are the same. Being zero days old does not count as having a rez day, so this cannot be abused as a cheap way of outfitting a new alt.

The above limitations should make it reasonable to populate the Rezday Device with products you otherwise expect to be paid money for, as potential profit losses will be low. A shop that is the origin of a nice rez day gift is likely to get good publicity, and having such a device in your shop makes you first on the list to check for a good rez day gift. You may want to try distributing gift cards in this manner if you have a suitable gift card system.

The economical single prim design allows you to place up to 64 products into one Rezday Device (you can, in theory, have more, limited by script memory, but texture resolution imposes practical limits on the number of products that can be effectively squeezed onto the selection panel), allowing people to select them by clicking specific points on a texture, which is particularly handy for clothing or furniture which comes in a wide selection of colours. Multiple copies of the Rezday Device will safely coexist in one location. An email notification can be configured to send you a message whenever a gift is sent in this manner, allowing you to keep track of distribution without worrying about possible instant message capping.

You can see the complete manual online in my manuals section. The device itself can be purchased in my main shop and on XStreetSL for L$250.

For a limited time only — that is, the next 48 hours — it’s on sale at a 50% discount in my main shop in Takalo. 🙂