Treasure Hunt Radar v1.5

Time to update my star product! πŸ™‚

This is a HUD gadget for advanced object search, intended mainly to take the pain out of treasure hunting expeditions, but it is otherwise quite useful for finding any small, hard to see objects you have lost. Notable features:

  • Will find objects by name, using both partial and complete name matching.
  • Can position your camera so that the object is easy to see and click.
  • Partial name searches are not case sensitive.
  • Sound alerts when objects are found (audible only to the wearer).
  • Can dump the positions of all treasure hunt items found into your chat log as SLURLs for easy sharing.
  • Can give you URLs that can teleport you to the object in one click when used within Second Life.
  • Will keep working on no-script land.

New in this version:

  • Networks with other copies of itself for collective searching! Agree on a search string, and move in different directions, you’ll find things far faster!
  • Properly handles moving and disappearing objects.
  • No longer stops searching at all upon sim change or teleport.

Over a thousand copies sold, 101 XStreet votes and most of them at 5 stars. πŸ™‚ If you have one, just wear it and you should receive a box with the new version more or less immediately.

If you still don’t for some reason, it’s available from XStreet or my inworld shop in Takalo for L$99. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt Radar v1.5

  1. I’m really quite interested in picking one of these up, but I’ve been told they automatically dump location SLURLs into the public chat? This doesn’t seem to be a very logical thing for it to do, especially in large hunts where some people would tend to get a bit… erm…. tiffy, so I’m disinclined to believe the person who told me.

    Still, thought I’d check first: does it indeed do this? And if it does, is there a means of turning it off?

  2. Public chat?! Owner only, obviously, duh, who told you that? πŸ™‚ It does dump all locations found into your chat automatically, (insert long rant on memory limits and the need to store sim name – that was my way to fix the number one gripe people had with it, that it had to stop searching upon changing sims. Now it doesn’t, but it dumps every location the moment it finds it, so that you can return by scrolling the chat back) but only you see them, if you wish to share them, you will need to at least copy-paste.

    What it actually does do in terms of publicising results is that when multiple avatars are searching for an identical search string and type in the same sim, found objects will be shared between them, i.e. when you find an object, everyone else who has been looking for it will also see it on their radar, which is a feature meant for pack hunting. (Pretty much since the radar was first released, people would come to buy it in groups of 3-5…) This still does not result in any messages visible to people not involved in the search.

  3. Please update your dance hud plug-in to work with the 2.0.1 version of MystiTool. It’s badly broken, but Mystical Cookies says she’ll gladly help you to make it compatible. Only a very few lines of code need to be changed and it can be done in minutes, she says.

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