Second Secrets

A little gimmick for Second Life plurkers, SecondSecrets.

This is a robot that will automatically replurk anything that is plurked privately directly to it with no other recipients – anonymously. No logs are kept, email notifications of private plurks are turned off and I couldn’t care less, so if you delete the private plurk once it has been replurked, there’s no way to figure out who said it.

Knock yourself out, let’s see what happens. 🙂

P.S.: Oh, for the curious, here’s the full source code, really simple.


7 thoughts on “Second Secrets

  1. If people will use it for bad things, they are bad people. Sometimes, people need to remember how bad can people really be.

  2. Thanks for the source code I may play around myself with it. It’s an eye opener to know that the people using it are considered friends.
    I always saw it as a tool- like many things technical. How you use it is what is evil or good, not the actual code itself.

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