Today’s favorite bug

Today’s favorite bug is SVC-1519. When you forward a email from Google Mail with a filter, SL objects bounce it off because they don’t follow standards.

If that bug wasn’t there, I’d post a tutorial and a very simple script letting you get Google Calendar event reminders as in-world IM. Instead, I expect this is impossible without involving an external server. 😦


My favourite bugs

Second Life has a lot of bugs, that much everyone knows. But some of these I would consider highly embarrassing if I was involved in making it, yet, they’re here, some are here to stay, and many have been around for years, known and apparently, ignored.

VWR-7957: The “boots to your waist” bug. Many video card manufacturers have stopped supporting palettized textures, because nobody was using them. Second Life was, even though it isn’t depending on them. In particular, it was using them for whatever unknown reason to cover baking clothing textures onto the avatar mesh, which results in texture parts that shouldn’t be visible covering the parts of your avatar they otherwise cannot. Since the baked texture is then on uploaded to the server, everyone else sees you this way. For three months the issue was blamed on the asset server eating clothes, on NVidia drivers being buggy, until they eventually caved in and said that it will be fixed in 1.22.

Update: It turned out that the reason for this happening was a single character typo in card feature detection code. Oh, the humanity…

VWR-1286: Whenever you try to alt-cam on an inner surface of a hollow or cut prim, the camera goes to great pains to stay outside the cut parts as if they’re still there. Makes it a very annoying to live in a house built with hollows, in particular, any cylindrical or spherical building. Been around for a year at least.

VWR-8920: Introduced in the latest release cycle, this causes prim attachments to vanish in certain camera positions. Instead of kicking at it until it was fixed, they labeled it as a known issue and released the new version anyway as a “stable” one.

SVC-472: Sim crossing. We now have warning lines to tell people about sim crossing. The issue has been around forever.

VWR-1298: Group chat delays. Never worked right, as far as I remember. There’s a whole bouquet of bugs related to group chat.

VWR-7331: Another arbitrary limit, which, incidentally, prevents me from putting up a Hands of Omega TARDIS in my skybox which is way above 1000m….

Update: How could I miss this one…

SVC-412: E-mail messages sent from inside SL do not contain correct header information, which results in all non-English letters horribly mangled. Been reported for a year. Estimated requirements to fix — one line of code, but obviously, nobody cares about people who don’t speak ISO-8859-1.

What are your favourite bugs?